Tuesday, 12. November 2019

Here you have an overview of our previous releases. For any questions we are at your disposal. After prior consultation artists are asked to send their demo to the address mentioned in the imprint. Please mind that we are only releasing neofolk and industrial music. Please don't try it with "dance industrial" like Winterkälte or Sonar. In such cases please turn to Ant-Zen, Hands or similar labels. Another new thing is that you can download all our releases for free. The music of our artists is and will always be "GEMA-free".

The whole purpose of MP3

We want to open the work of the artists of our label to the public, which is not easy to realise regarding the low edition of some releases. Another advantage is that before buying you are able to listen to the music and to decide whether it is something for you or not. The MP3 data was generated with the Fraunhofer Encoder (256 kBit and DualChannel Mode) and CRC tested. So it corresponds extensively to the original. Unfortunately, this makes the data quite big but this shouldn't be a problem nowadays (DSL).

Legal restrictions

MP3 offered at this website are subject to the copyright of the Starkloff Medien KG. They are for private use only. It is allowed to circulate the data, also on data media. It is not allowed to use the data for commercial or professional purposes unless you have written authorisation. This applies also for links to the data whatever commercial or private internetpresence it may be.


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